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Families First provides parenting workshop series exclusively to clients of our partner organizations: schools, early education centers, and social service organizations around the Greater Boston and Brockton area. We target low-income parents, who have limited access to parenting resources.

Our workshops are affordable for organizations and free for the 1,500 parents we support each year. To help our school partners engage and support families, we provide our FUSE capacity-building services.

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Parenting Tips

Salem Mom and Daughter

Access hundreds of research-based, field-tested parenting tips:

  • Communicate expectations that are high, but realistic.
  • Be Brief: A good rule of thumb is to state what is most important in the first sentence. If you use a paragraph to say something, try a sentence instead.
  • Analyze your attitudes and expectations for yourself, your spouse or other adults, and your children. Adjust these when they are unrealistic.

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